This player is banned from the leaderboards for suspected cheating, the stats below are most likely innacurate.


Player Kills


Total Deaths


K/D Ratio




Arena Wins


Hours Played

Stat Type Player Score Rating
Zombies Killed Zombies Killed 0
Below Average
Mega Zombies Killed Mega Zombies Killed 0
Below Average
Totsl Headshots Total Headshots 10,390
Above Average
Items Found Items Found 379
Below Average
Exp Found Earned Experience 0
Below Average
Animals Killed Animals Killed 0
Below Average
Fish Caught Fish Caught 0
Below Average
Plants Harvested Plants Harvested 0
Below Average
Items Crafted Items Crafted 11
Below Average
Buildables Buildables 0
Below Average
Travel Foot Travelled by foot 8,226
Below Average
Travel Car Travel Vehicle 0
Below Average